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Brandon Dykun
My name is Brandon. I am a veteran, college grad, and React/Full Stack Software Engineer. After 3 combat deployments, I decided to get a degree in Geospatial Information Science. It was awesome! I got to work with cutting edge software and do a ton of cool projects like making a 3D model of our campus with drone imagery! You can check it out here! While in school, I took a python class and well...
I immediately knew that coding was my future! I enrolled in a Full Stack Software Engineering bootcamp and loved every minute of it! Since the bootcamp, I've been writing code constantly trying to hone my skills and learn new ones along the way! I am looking for a Jr React or Full Stack Dev position to get my career off the ground and learn along side professionals!


  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Python
  • Django
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Postgres
  • Firebase

Budget App

An app for monitoring income and savings, adding planned expenses, and setting reminders. Savings can be filtered by year and month to easily see how savings compare from month to month. This is a full CRUD app that requires authentication.

Wordle Clone (but with a theme!)

Image of a wordle clone.

FIST Wordle is a side project that was built for my fellow military team members. The game uses only military specific words, and when a word is guessed correctly, the technical definition is displayed. It was designed to be simple, fun, and educational.

Password Creation Validator

This is a fun registration password verification project. It uses regex to ensure that the registration password meets certain criteria and alerts the user if it doesn't. It also uses React Context to pass the sign up information between components!


Want to know more? Send me an email or find me on LinkedIn!